We are proud to introduce Eco Treasures 2.0.

Our 13 years as a company have been marked by several years of profound Research and Development in the early years, followed by a period of trials and small-scale production activities.

We are happy to announce our company is ready for the next big leap.

Eco Treasures 2.0 has reorganized into two business units, Fruiticals and Naturals. They will be the foundation for what Eco Treasures has to offer you.

For Fruiticals, we have invested heavily in a completely new production unit. With this installation, we are able to process 600 Tons of fruit pulp into fruit seed oils, fruit seed flours and fibers. Extraction capability will be added at a later stage.

Also the Naturals business takes place in a brand new extraction area. Extractions based on water, ethanol or super-critical CO2 elevate your natural resources to new products with special characteristics.

You find more information on our revamped website on www.ecotreasures.be.

Visit us also on Biofach 2019 in Nurnberg between 13 and 16 February. (see also www.biofach2019.com).
Entry-tickets to the fair are available at Eco Treasures and exchangeable up to 08/02/2019

Thank you for your trust in us,
Hope to see you soon.